Saturday, October 13, 2012

Class warfare and Mitt Romney

A couple of quick thoughts about "class warfare":

Whenever someone questions the income disparity and inequality in our society, the main tactic seems to be to scream "class warfare" loudly, as if that invalidates any point that might be being made. But when Mitt Romney makes a statement about 47 per cent of this country's population being unwilling to take responsibility for their lives (which I guess means "Shut up and get back to work . . . YOU TOO GRANDPA!"), I saw no attempts by anyone, even the Democrats, to frame that as "class warfare". Which, by the way, given the audience Mittens was speaking to (a bunch of rich donors who had paid more than many people make in a year to have dinner with Mitt) and Romney's own financial status, it is.

I'd love to hear THAT point made in the next debate . . .

(p.s.: I know that Mittens and Appalling Ryan have tried to walk this quote back, but I think you only need to look at Mitt's record of lies and flip flops to know what to believe.)

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