Friday, January 10, 2014

Time and the Maiden . . . and a raven!

As I went to do some banking at our local financial institution, I noticed that there was a raven perched on the scythe held by one of the figures in the statue on top of the building. The bank is housed in the old Mason's lodge, and the statue was carved from a single chunk of redwood by Erick Albertson in the 1800s. Called "Time and the Maiden", it is rich in secretive Masonic imagery and has been seen in such films  as "Dying Young" and TV shows such as "Murder, She Wrote".

None of that matters to this raven who sits placidly on Father Time's implement. I almost missed this shot, thinking I'd do my business first and then get my camera, but I was wise enough to know that animals do not sit still for long, and got my camera and these photos first.

Ravens are a special breed of bird for me, and I love this one's calm bearing.

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