Wednesday, January 01, 2014

This is a little creepy . . . .

This is a screen shot from my blog's StatCounter page from a few days ago. It purports to show a visit from "Department of Homeland Security" in "Washington, District of Columbia". The search referral is shown as "encrypted", so I have no idea what brought such attention on my humble little blog.  I really don't even know if it is truly the DHS that originated the search, but that is what the IP Address of this hit on my blog shows.

To say this is disconcerting is an understatement. Does the DHS really spend its time and energy checking out blogs such as mine, and if so what for? Is it random, or did something I published (maybe my Thanksgiving pictures?) draw the interest of DHS? Was it an official visit, or was a DHS employee just checking out my blog for personal reasons?

It's a mystery. I feel like I'm used to Google and Microsoft sending their rots to my site (those searches also frequently show up), but this is a little creepier. If anyone has some insight as to what is going on here I'd appreciate being enlightened.

I remember during the late sixties joking with friends I was chatting on the phone with when there was a click that we were "being listened to." Are those days really making a comeback in this digital age, and if so, are we supposed to be alright with it?
'Cause really, I'm not . . . . .

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