Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Same as it ever was . . . .

(Via Atrios)
Whatever the merits of ACA, it is now something the Dems own. For decades I've watched Dems try to run away from things which have been surgically implanted on any politician with a D next to their name. It's always bizarre and pointless. You're the party of gay marriage, abortion, and Obamacare whether you like it or not, and it's better to convince your constituents that you're going to do good things for them than to try to convince them that you're not a real Democrat.
They can already vote for someone who isn't a real Democrat. He or she is called a Republican.
Instead of walking back the already compromised ACA, why don't Democrats push to fix it and make it better? (Single Payer Healthcare anyone?) And pin the blame on the problems right where they belong: on Republicans who have done everything they could to undermine it. Ah, but that would require some spine . . . . .

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