Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July 2013 Mendocino Parade

The town fills up well ahead of timeThe Veterans of Foreign Wars leads off the paradeA hearty round of applause greets themThen come the first respondersA tribute to the Arizona firefighters who had died days beforeSirens blaring, trucks from local departments roll by
Taking a breakBicycles follow up . . .. . . and tricyclesNo offshore drilling!It's an eclectic crew in our paradeThe dogs can get bored
No marching bands this year, but some riding bands make the sceneAnyone can join the paradeAnyone!The Mendocino Theater Company plugs its latestThe streets are lined with thousands of spectatorsWe have found Waldo!
Many groups have a political themeWe also have more traditional entriesThis is Mendocino, after allCurrent events dominate some of the floatsSome entries are just silly; this is the Walker familyOld jalopies are popular
It's a little late, but here are my pictures from the Mendocino 2013 4th of July parade. Click on the pictures to go to my Flickr feed and see larger versions. It a unique slice of Northern California life. Where else do the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Move to Amend folks walk side by side?

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