Monday, January 14, 2013

They don't feel your pain

Watching the "fiscal cliff" and "debt ceiling" debates---crisises which were created by the politicians in the government to avoid dealing with our REAL crisises (like unemployment) or to extort changes in the social programs which actually do help people---is hard for me to do without getting enraged at the cavalier attitude of the political elites to the real suffering of real citizens. The professional political class has generous pensions and benefits totally separate (and much better) from the rest of us.

This is such a sham. The biggest mystery is why so many of the people who will be hurt by the actions and inaction of Congress and the Executive branch are not angry at the people causing this. There is no crisis with Social Security or Medicare that needs to be addressed at this time. Hurting old people and those in need is not being done to to "fix the deficit", but because those in charge enjoy hurting those with less money and power. They are, pure and simple, sadists.

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