Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spring is comin'!

So here we are in January, and I believe I already feel Spring in the air. As residents of a part of the country that actually benefits from the global climate change afflicting our Earth (but I won't go there right now), I am grateful for beautiful, sunny days like this one.

A calla lily leaf illuminated by the afternoon sun. 

Our pond, which is full to capacity from the winter rains.

The first Rhodie bloom outside our front door.

Some of the rosemary my wife recently planted, going great guns (and ready to season a chicken or turkey.)

This tree fell during the winter storms, so I am taking advantage of the weather to cut it up, both for clean up of the yard and future firewood.

That's some good warmin' there . . . .

I realized as I was taking these pictures just how hard my wife and I work to make a good life for ourselves. We are what is considered "low income", yet we make our lives as pleasant and enjoyable as possible by being frugal and careful, and, by the way, working our butts off. The tree I am cutting up (with a borrowed chain saw) will provide us with heat and save us from having to buy firewood. The Rhodie by our front door is one my wife rescued years ago from one of her gardening jobs, and it gives us a cheery welcome for no cost. We drive vehicles that we bought used decades ago, and watch a TV that we got used from one of my former employers. Even these pictures I post here are taken on a camera I bought from someone who was upgrading their setup at a discount.

So when I hear people like my wife and myself derided as "takers", it really pisses me off. We work hard for what we have, as modest as it is, and the folks who make their fortunes by skimming money out of the system that is the corporate shell game called "Capitalism" are the real takers. The people in Congress who rail about government making people leeches, while having their own benefits, salaries and pensions provided by the government they supposedly detest, THEY are the parasites on this country.

In a system a rigged as the one we live in, it is hard not to see politics in almost everything. So, there you have it. Now back to our regularly scheduled reality . . . .

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