Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday? No, thank you!

Today was the corporate media created feeding frenzy known as "Black Friday", and I spent the day with my grand daughter avoiding the consumer bullshit. I definitely avoided WalMart and Target (greedy corporate bastards), and we went on a walk this evening. She wanted to check out the nearby Ace Hardware store, where besides the two of us there were four employees and no one else. I remarked to one of the employees as he leaned on his register "Black Friday rush, huh?", which elicited a chuckle.

The insanity of our money grubbing culture and the way people are manipulated by the cheerleaders in the MSM is nowhere more evident than in this manufactured event. Take a break, folks, and remember what is really important about these holidays.

And to the bosses at WalMart and the other retailers forcing underpaid employees to leave their families at this time of year (and then who call the extra hours their employees are compelled to work "bonuses"), I say: fuck you very much. You got none of my money today, and while it may not have hurt you very much, it made me feel great.

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