Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emu on the Loose!

I was at work today, and before I went home I called my wife to tell her a strange tale I'd heard via email about an emu that had been seen wandering around nearby. She revealed she had encountered the large avian interloper, and even managed to catch some pictures of it, though she felt somewhat intimidated by the large fowl.

Strolling down the lane
Nice day for a walk
Dum-da-dum-dooo . . . .
Emu calling
What's down this way?
Hello in there!
Here the large avian visitor checks out our inside birds, causing them to raise quite a ruckus.

When I got home from work I had an email (emu email?) from one of our neighbors saying a young girl had lost her pet emu, which had been seen wandering around the neighborhood. There was a number to call if you saw it, so I checked and found the bird had made it home unscathed. 

This is definitely still the birdhaus.

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