Sunday, October 10, 2010

The new way to "debate"

I watched Rachel Maddow attempt to interview Art Robinson on her show the other night, and this was the clearest example of the technique that a lot of the new Republican party (also know as the Tea Party) uses to divert direct questions about who is backing them and what they believe. The strange and bewildering evidence is here:

The utterly arrogant and despicable way this man demeans some very legitimate questions from Rachel, and acts as if he is a victim, rather than a blowhard asshole. He acts offended that Rachel would ask questions about statements he has published in the past, as if it has NOTHING TO DO with what he will do if he is elected. He seems to believe that critical analysis of his record is an attack, rather than a simple presentation of the truth. As Rachel says, he seems not to know what the word sarcasm means. I guess scientists like Robinson don't have to understand the words they fling at others.

We are going to see a lot of this crap, and it is what is putting any attempt at discourse in America into the toilet. I hope Robinson winds up where he belongs: on the garbage heap of history.

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