Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Check up

A tour of the backyard this time of year yields some surprises. Late bloomers abound, and the earth makes ready for winter. And as any photographer will tell you, autumn light is just incredible for some beautiful shots.

A cucumber beetle perches on one of our end-of-season roses.

A momento of the past, placed on a hanger from a redwood branch.

A moist petunia drinks in a good watering.

No one told these blackberry flowers that they are done for the season.

Vibrant red begonia in a hanging basket.

We can't remember where this spoon on our fence came from, but it hangs near our compost pile.

A day lily on the decline.

At the end of a summer there is always a burn pile, awaiting the fire marshall's okay to be put to the flame. 

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