Sunday, August 15, 2010

"We the people" now sit down and shut up

It really seems that, except for paying taxes to support insane wars and voting every four years, the Beltway insider class wants very little to do with the general population of this country. When their buddies in the financial industry or other big corporations want something or need help, the response is fast and positive. But when millions face foreclosure or unemployment due to the risks taken by these same entities, they are not only on their own, but they are expected to keep their mouths shut about it and foot the bill.

Then again, where's the outrage? Why are so many focused on bogus, ginned up issues like the crazy reaction to the Muslim community center in NY or non-existent crime waves in border states? The media bears a big part of the blame for that, but are citizens so unwilling to look critically at these stories that they get led by the nose on them?

Questions, questions, questions. All I know is that we are being royally fucked, and the reaction is muted at best. And without some very strong push back, we will get what we deserve.

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