Saturday, August 14, 2010

"At the Movies" to air last show today:

The longest running and most respected movie-review show in television history will tape its final broadcast today for airing this weekend. And when it’s over, the imaginary balcony that Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert first opened in 1975 will be closed forever.
This show was one of the schools that taught me how to watch movies; not just as a passive experience, but as an active, critical experience. starting with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, it was a fixture of my television viewing, and after some rocky transitions, the last seasons with Michael Phillips and Tony Scott were outstanding. The fact that the hosts often were at odds over this or that film made watching a pleasure, and their humor echoed the rivalry/friendship that Gene and Roger displayed for many years.
Taking over its Saturday night timeslot the following week will be “On the Red Carpet,” a syndicated celebrity news show, co-hosted by a former Miss USA and a former correspondent for “Extra,” offering viewers “front row access to premieres, award shows and special events, movie star interviews and more.”
Ah, just what the world needs! Another celebrity obsessed bit of pablum. This is an example of the bleakness of our American culture as it stands today. Oh well, I know what I won't be watching on Saturday evenings.

Goodbye, "At the Movies".

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Anonymous said...

I am broken hearted. I have watched this show since it started, every sunday for 35 years. I wish the show had stayed on PBS, where I am sure it would still exist.I will never watch "Entertainment Tonight Lite",which is what I call this POS. Great job ABC I now have only 3 show left that I watch on your network,I used to watch you almost all week.I know you don't care since you continue to not care about over 45 audiences,which is why your ratings continue to drop. My one ray of hope after watching the last show is that Phillips and Scott hinted about continuing as a team somewhere else, do it guys and prove ABC knows nothing.