Saturday, March 06, 2010

We're being sold down the river:

The people of this country have become less and less important to the political classes. Both parties, the media, and corporate America communicate more and more with each other, and less and less with the electorate. Oh, there is an enormous amount of lip service paid to "the will of the people," but it is all for show.

Cases in point: the opponents of Health Care Reform are saying most Americans oppose reform, while most polls show that a majority of Americans favor more progressive changes than are even on the table at this point. The major banks and insurance companies who crashed the economy receive massive amounts of bailout money, while homeowners and citizens without jobs are either ignored or demeaned. And an independent Consumer Credit Agency to help protect people from the predatory lending practices that are decimating the middle class is scrapped, all due to credit industry lobbying efforts.

In this atmosphere the Supreme Court grants even more power to corporations by declaring there should be no limits on spending in elections. Free speech isn't free, and those who can afford it get the most. And if you don't believe that, try getting one of your Senators or Representatives's attention. Even a group of citizens doesn't get the chance to speak that a single lobbyist for a corporation or industry does.

What is this country coming to? While people who don't have a fucking clue what they are talking about cry "Socialist" at policies that are at best moderate, and Sarah Palin is called "more intelligent" than Obama by Crazy Glenn Beck, there is no way to reason or negotiate for what is best for the people of this country.

I got news for you wing nuts: the Nazis were right wing! They lauded blind patriotism and white supremacy. They are YOU!

And the Pentagon shooter may not have been a Muslim, but he was a fucking terrorist!

AND people who call Obama a Socialist are out of their goddam minds!

There, I feel a little better now . . . .

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