Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Random 10+1

Here's a random sample of the music on my iMac's hard drive:

Emily/Joanna Newsom/Ys
monks/King Missile III/Failure
Silver Apples II (for Simeon)/Tom Rapp/A Journal Of The Plague Year
No Self Control/Peter Gabriel/Peter Gabriel 3
Halleluljah/Leonard Cohen/The Essential Leonard Cohen
The Law Of The Jungle/Link Wray & His Ray Men
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb/Spoon/Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Bonus Disc Get Nice)
Song of the Chief Musician (Part 2)/The Sadies/Favourite Colours
One of These Days/Foxglove/
Evil Ways/Black Mountain/In The Future
I'll Slow You Down/Warren Zevon/Life'll Kill Ya

King Missile makes the kind of music that kicks reality's ASS! Check it out:

What's on YOUR computer's playlist?

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