Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Are things getting worse than I thought?

This is a screen shot from the CostCo site, showing a one year supply of food for one person, marked down to almost $800.00. From the site:

Shelf Reliance is your premier source for food storage and emergency preparedness planning. Because nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family, they provide only top-of-the-line products. Shelf Reliance’s line of THRIVE Foods are held to the highest standards. All THRIVE Foods have been developed with everyday menu planning in mind; however, they are also designed to be added to your long term food storage. With their great taste and simple preparation, THRIVE foods are the perfect place to turn for healthy, delicious meals anytime.  
The THRIVE 1 Year Food Supply comes complete with 78 #10 cans ranging 5 food groups: grains, fruits, veggies, meats & beans and dairy. With over 4,700 servings and many foods with a shelf life of up to 20 years, this package will give you variety, nutrition, and peace of mind. In addition to the high quality foods this package provides, a wheat grinder is included.
'Cause you never know when a wheat grinder will come in handy. Seriously, do these folks know something we don't? And if this is only enough for one person for one year, after a few months do you have to fight it out with your family? 

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