Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travels with myself

Doesn't my car look happy? Nothing like a check up and clean up to give your auto a better attitude . . . .

I'm on the road for the next few days. I got my car to the dealer for it's regular maintainence, and I ordered new glasses due to my vision actually getting better (according to my opthomologist). Now I'm in a hotel near the big city (San Francisco) so I can go to a private lesson at the voice over school where I take classes tomorrow. Then it's a long drive into the broiling interior of the state for a visit to my step daughter and grand daughter.

I don't get out of town all that much, and it's easy to forget the vibe of larger, busier areas like the one I am in. There's a sort of tension that is pervasive, and until you acknowledge it, it can start to dominate your emotions. I don't know how I managed to live in such a setting (though in another place) for most of my life without going crazy . . . but I guess I did sort of get a bit insane/addicted for a good chunk of that time, now that I think of it.

Anyway, I'll try to make some more posts during my journey.

Here's the door to my room. And just because you know my room number don't think you're going to find me! 

Ah, nothing like the bland dinginess of a cheap hotel room to make me feel right at home!

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