Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Random 10 plus 1

Music hath charms to sooth the savage breast, so here's a random sample of the songs on my iMac, chosen by the iTunes DJ:

One Chance/Modest Mouse/Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Talk To Me/Master Source Music Library/Veronica Mars Unofficial Soundtrack Season 2
If I Can't Have You/Zero 7/The Garden
Depth Charge Ethel/Grinderman/Grinderman
Serene Rap (Even More Latest Mix with dub horns)/Ken Krauss/Prudently Adventurous
Drive My Rocket/Alien Sex Fiend/Drive My Rocket The Collection Part 1
Who Drank The Beer (While I Was In The Rear)/Tommy Duncan/Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys: #1 The West Coast Indies
Cirkus (Including Entry Of the Chameleon)/King Crimson/Lizard (Remastered)
Planet Boiler Room/C.R. Avery/Magic Hour Sailor Songs
Place Position/Fugazi/1997-05-03 - Electric Factory
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/The Beatles/Love*

*My step daughter asked me to put together a CD of Beatles song for her daughter, who is going to be six next month. It seems as if it is hard to find Beatles songs on line, and she got the little one a shirt that had "All You Need is Love" emblazoned on it, which prompted my grand daughter to ask "What is that?" Being unable to show her through the usual google means, she asked my help.

That's kind of sad, isn't it? All the crap that's out there, and the Fab Four are missing. Makes me feel REALLY old!

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