Monday, April 03, 2006

V for Vendetta

Yep, I made the trip out of the old homestead and to the local cinema to see "V for Vendetta", and I was not disappointed. It was a cerebral and visual feast, with food for the intellect and the eyes, and a kickass soundtrack as well.

It is all about the political situation we are facing in these times, though it is based somewhat loosely on a comic book written in the mid-80s. And it has a POSITIVE message about people stopping their victimhood and standing up to fight the power that holds them down. That's a real novelty, eh?

Great performances all around, and in particular by Natalie Portman, who undergoes a radical (pun intended) transformation, and gives one of the best speeches about the importance of people seeing that they are the antidote to political malfeasance since Tom Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath".

This is cinema the way it should be, entertaining, inspirational, and subversive. Don't just sit there, go see it! And see it on the big screen. It will be powerful in video release as well, but it really should be seen in a theater first.

Oh, and the whole controversy about whether this movie is supportive of terrorism is a lot of bullshit. If people call what V does to fight the fascist politicians in this film terrorism, then what George Washington did was terrorism, too. This isn't about terrorism, it's about taking action against evil.

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