Monday, February 13, 2017

Back from the shadows again . . . .

It has been a long dry spell for the birdhaus---I have felt very unmotivated to write for some time. The intellectual atmosphere in our country has been bleak, to say the least. Now we face life with a President who has no empathy or compassion (those are for LOSERS), and I feel compelled to try again to express my feelings and thoughts in what appears to be a time with the potential to be a new Dark Ages. Well, I hope not, but what else can one think as we see reality given a disrespect usually reserved for untruths?

President Donald J. Trump (God, the saying of it sticks in my craw), whose biggest qualification for being our leader is being awful at playing a terrible boss on reality (or UN-reality) television, is now the erstwhile head of our country. I can't call him the "Leader of the Free World", because the world already feels a lot least free than it was scant weeks ago.

Are we surprised that he is doing his best to implement the restrictive and fear-based policies he promised to put in place? Are we shocked that a man supremely unqualified to be  the Commander-In-Chief is nominating idiots for positions in his administration who are supremely unqualified and downright corrupt? Are we disappointed that this con artist who has a record in the business world of failure and untrustworthiness is now doing exactly the opposite of his many campaign promises? Is it strange that a man of no intellectual curiosity is not interested in scientific information about our world?

It seems very predictable to me. We shall see how this plays out, but I'm so sick of President Pussy Grabber's face on my TV and computer screens that I almost find Steve Bannon a refreshing change of pace. ALMOST---but these guys are the evil bookends of the cascading avalanche of the twilight of America. They look as ugly as they sound.

Credit: Donald Trump SHUT UP
Yeah, I'm back from the shadows again, ready to resist and fight for the light.

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