Monday, November 24, 2014

Sad "State of Affairs"

I tried to slog through the premiere of "State of Affairs" on the DVR last night, but it was impossible to make it through. I enjoy "The Blacklist" (James Spader is AMAZING in that show), and this one is holding the same time slot for a few months. I watched about a third of it, and it's descent into jingoist pro-unfettered intelligence community powers  finally got to me.

Wrapping oneself in the flag
couldn't get any more literal . . . .
Such propaganda, embodied in "24"'s pro-torture plot lines, is part of what is making the surrender of our freedoms possible. The "ticking time bomb" urgency that says any means can be used to "save lives" (or corporate assets) is morally disgusting and ethically repugnant. Yet "24" style scenarios were presented in Congressional hearings as justification for "enhanced interrogation" techniques like water-boarding. These are fictional (and poorly conceived, however stylish they may look) television shows,
NOT documentaries. Having another show to mine this territory is terrible. We cannot protect the principles of freedom and limits on law enforcement which this country was founded on by forsaking them. And shows like "State of Affairs" soften up the American citizenry for just such an end.

I hope this show dies a quick and merciful death, though not at the hands of the C. I. A. assassins it tries to make heroes out of.

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