Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gated Community

We have been needing a gate on our backyard garden area for some time, and this weekend we finally got it up and functioning! I had set the two posts over the last month or so, so it was now a matter of assembling the gate itself and hanging it.
These are the posts, set in the ground about 20" down with QuikCrete, looking out from inside the garden.
This is a view of the posts from outside the garden.
I made a cross post from some salvaged beam wood to keep the posts somewhat more stable. 
I attached the top post with "L" brackets.

My wife chose the wood for the fence part of the gate.
Placement is the key . . . .
We hung the gate and used rope and a bungee cord to keep it closed
In this shot you can see the red of the redwood cross beam where I cut it to size.
From the inside, with the latch at last installed

From the outside, as the deer we are keeping out of our garden will see it.
My wife tells me that after this project, I can no longer refer to myself as "not handy".

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