Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An amazing article: A Cop's Take on Ferguson

This is part of an amazing article from a former police officer at Daily Kos.
On the Bundy Ranch, armed protesters were violently obstructing law enforcement from performing their duties.  Sniper rifles were pointed at those law enforcement officers. Then those “snipers” openly gloated about how they had the agents in their sights the entire time. And what was the police response?  All out retreat.  Nobody was arrested. No tear gas deployed. No tanks were called in. No Snipers posted in the neighborhood. No rubber bullets fired. Nothing. Police officers in mortal danger met with heavily armed resistance and no one had to answer for it. Could any reasonable person look at scenes coming out of Nevada and say they looked peaceful?
The people who were so quick to cheer the bullies at Bundy Ranch now spew venom at the "thugs" in Ferguson. The racism in this is sickening---and obvious.
Another incredible insight:
As a cop I learned that it’s usually best to wait until you know as much information as possible before you go on the record so I’ll be completely honest;
I don’t know why an unarmed 18 year old was shot multiple times. 
I don't know what that police officer felt in the seconds before he pulled the trigger. 
I don’t know why the Ferguson Police chose to withhold details about this shooting. 
I don’t know why this police chief decided to have SWAT teams on foot patrols. 
I don't know why this police chief deployed Armored Vehicles and Snipers to this area. 
I don’t know why police officers were locking up reporters. 
I don’t know how a community that is 67% black has a police department that is 96% white.
Rather than take responsibility for the slaying of a black child, the authorities attempt to paint him with the "gangster" brush. And the ignorant racists in the media and our country lap it up.

Follow the link and read the whole article. It is a powerful indictment of the brutality and overkill used in this situation. This shit must change!

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