Sunday, February 09, 2014

Hallelujah! Rain at last!!!

After months of dry winter weather, the last week on the Northern Coast of California has seen a LOT of moisture. So far this month (only nine days old) we have gotten almost five inches of rain. For comparison purposes, the month of January saw only 1.19 inches in 31 days, and we've had more than that just today alone.

The flowers are happy!

Again for comparison purposes, here's a picture I took at the end of last October of the board we use to get to the island in the middle of our pond. At that point most of the pond was just a mud hole.

Today the same board is half submerged.

This has been a year of wells running dry and drought restrictions on watering your lawn or washing your car. We haven't caught up entirely, but we're making headway.

And anyone who doesn't think our climate is changing should pull their head out of their behind!

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Wioleta Czerniecka said...

Interesting photos :) I'm inviting you to my blog :)