Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Tea Party can just BAG IT!

I will weigh on the bat shit madness that seems to be infecting the Republican/Tea-bagger Party right now, though I have been avoiding it to protect my own sanity . . . .

When a child is learning about danger in the early years, there are time when they burn their fingers on the stove or whack their finger on the moving fan blade, and it serves as a learning experience. The pain serves to teach them not to touch that anymore, more so than the (usually ignored) warnings of a parent.
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With the Pee Tardy---er, I mean TEA-Party folks, that's not going to doing it. Like with the sequester, or cuts to food stamps, they stick someone else's fingers on the hot burner, hold them there, and say "I don't feel a thing!" They are trying now to put the fingers of our elderly, poor, and veterans to the burner to prove that they still don't feel any pain. Or at least, they don't feel YOUR pain.

I feel like such an old fart when I start any sentence with "I remember is used to be . . . ", but right now it seems appropriate. It wasn't always like this, There was a time when people cared more about their neighbor, whether they knew them or not. If someone was suffering or their house was broken into, it was expected that publicly financed police or emergency responders would assist the victim. When soldiers came back from a war or people retired after a life of hard work, the got medical care and financial aid---because they are citizens and have earned those things. And we were all willing to pay our fair share to see that those things could be done.

Now, increasingly, Ted Cruz and his ilk are saying we can't afford these things. We can afford endless wars and a prison-industrial state, but we can't afford to help those in need. If you fall on hard times or get sick, you are on your own, buddy boy. Their philosophy has been rejected by the American people, but that is not enough for them. He has said: ". . . my prayer to God is that His will be done. As it will be.” Apparently, he knows better than anyone else what God's will is, as he forces us to the abyss through bullying and extortion.

Any God who would reward greed, intimidation, and power seeking and punish those who have done everything they were supposed to do can kiss my ass. And so can Ted Cruz.

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