Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seasonal transition

The birdhaus is not closed---just on a hiatus from posting. The idiocy of our politics has been too enraging to get on a soap box over, unless I want to risk a stroke. But, even though our "leaders" (and I use the term loosely) can't seem to get anything done, nature continues to work its wonders.

Autumn is definitely here, and a quick stroll through the backyard shows the seasonal process:

There are still quite a few flowers about, such as this begonia right outside our front door . . . .
. . . and this rose, reaching for some afternoon sunshine. 
This cotoneaster, a member of the rose family, is breaking out in berries.
The fuchsias, of course, are very late bloomers.
It has been a dry summer and fall so far, and the water lilies in the pond on the property are resting on the muddy bottom. I hope it rains this winter . . . .
We did get quite a few blackberries this year, but as you can see, they are done.
It looks like our landlord's orchard is producing some apples, though.
This is the view from the lower part of our backyard, close to the orchard. Our clothesline is in the middle of the picture, with our exercise/studio cabin to the left. 
This princess plant, which I helped my wife transplant about a year ago, is a riot of blossoms right now.
Our hydrangea is also full of flowers.
A last holdout strawberry.
Going . . . .
. . . going . . . .
. . . gone!
And finally, one of the yellow begonias that still is blooming.
Autumn has always been one of my favorite times of the year, and around our place, it is quite lovely. The perfect distraction from the insanity in the world.

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