Monday, August 19, 2013

I eagerly await our alien overlords . . . .

I haven't written that much lately (actually for quite some time), contenting myself with posting photos of nature and short posts of graphics or quotes from other sources. Frankly, the current events as of late have been so discouraging that I just have had to step back from paying too much attention to the world outside my family and small town.

That being said, I have to say that our country seems bent on destroying itself in an orgy of self-gratification and self interest, with an appalling lack of compassion or empathy.  The so-called "Tea Party" (self proclaimed defenders of the "American Way" which is in reality an astroturf front for the interests of wealthy America, bent on distracting an ill informed portion of the populace from their own interests) is out to prove how cruel and mean spirited they are capable of being, and the Republicans are riding that horse for all they are worth. The Democrats seem by-in-large to want to show that they, too, are able to cut the social safety net and spy on American citizens, in the name of bipartisan bargaining and being tough.

We may be closer to a totalitarian dictatorship than we think. And the dictatorship is coming in the guise of "keeping America safe" and "protecting our freedoms". Freedom to die due to a lack of health insurance, or safe enough to murder unarmed children because they dare to be black? I shudder to think where we are headed if this continues to get worse.

Anyway, that's why it has been quiet at the birdhaus lately.  I can't afford to indulge the defeatism which seems to afflict me so easily, and yet I see no action I can take to escape from the morass. Not a very positive message, I realize, but I also know that things do change.

Soon, I hope, and for the better . . . .

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