Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Madness

It's the third month, and our weather varies between cool, moist days and sunny, windy ones. I took a bit of a walk to see what the backyard holds:

The lilies and spiders continue their symbiotic dance . . . .
New growth on the water lilies our landlords have placed in the pond we share.
Big bamboo . . . .
Our plum tree got creamed by a falling alder last winter . . . .
The princess plant my wife transplanted is growing great guns!

A sure sign of sping: new lawn mowing machinery. We purchased a Husqvarna string mower to replace our ten years old Yardman string mower. Our yard is a meadow-like area, and this is the only way to go for us.
A day like today reminds me of the wonderful natural beauty of our home, and I am grateful to live here.

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