Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Yes, we did . . .

I am happy to see Obama has won a second term against the nasty, elitist candidate who is Romney, but there are some other wins that are even more exciting. I am ecstatic Elizabeth Warren won against the Koch Brothers backed Scott Brown, and that Claire McCaskill beat the "legitimate rape" guy, Todd Akin. (By the way, Akin's "concession speech" was one of the least gracious examples of such a speech I ever saw, and I turned it off soon after he began.) Alan Grayson is returning to the Senate in Florida, after losing his seat a couple of years ago. Sherrod Brown won in Ohio against a candidate who was backed by millions of dark money dollars dedicated to sinking him.

There are more happy wins, but to me it is more hopeful that these folks will be there, putting Obama's feet to the fire when he is tempted to compromise with the forces that want to turn back the clock in this country. Congratulations, Mr. President. I voted for you, and I gave money to your campaign. And I will be watching.

Also, the wackos like Donald Trump and Karl Rove are refusing to concede that the election is over. Trump is supposedly Tweeting about "revolution". These jackasses need to suck it up and get over it. There's a difference between having a different opinion and being pathological.

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