Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little passages

For many years, we have used the central support beam of an old gazebo (which is all that remains of that structure) as one end of our clothesline. The other end is attached to one of the redwood trees behind our kitchen.

Well, the ravages of time (with a bit of help from me and our weed whacker) finally prevailed, and as my wife was putting laundry out to dry, the post cracked and fell.

We do have a propane fed dryer, but using the power of the sun is ecologically and economically better, so a replacement was in order. After considering an arrangement of 4 by 4s and screw eyes set in concrete, I told my wife I had seen a folding clothesline pole at the hardware store, which for her brought back memories of her Mom's drying routines. I took it as a sign, so . . . .

With a borrowed post hole digger and some effort, there is a new solar powered dryer at our house.

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