Monday, September 12, 2011

Blood lust

(Via Talking Points Memo)
In Tampa, Florida at the CNN/Tea Party Express debate Monday night, the tea party-filled audience literally cheered aloud for the uninsured to be allowed to die.

The moment came during an exchange between moderator Wolf Blitzer and Ron Paul, whose libertarian views often make for good theater at Republican debates.

Blitzer asked if under Paul’s libertarian philosophy, a sick man without insurance should be allowed to die in the hospital rather than have the state pay his medical bills. Before Paul could answer that question, shouts of “yes!” and cheering bubbled up from the audience.
Aren't these the folks who accused Obama of planning to set up "death panels" with a government run health care program? Apparently, they don't mind death panels if they get to say who dies. And Ron Paul, a doctor who supposedly took an oath to help those in need is a lousy hypocrite.

Who would Jesus let die?

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