Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trying to get good

It is hard to observe the state of governance in America right now for me without becoming full of rage and disgust. There seems to be such an utter disconnect between the focus of our politicians and the effect it is having on the majority of our people. The whole debacle around the debt ceiling debate, and the lesser known but just as maddening FAA mess, these point to the new reality that it seems that Republicans for the most part DON'T GIVE A SHIT about the chaos they are creating. There is no sense of being of service to our society---the main goals of these folks is to bash the other side and to get re-elected.

I am no fan of the false equivalence that seems so popular in the media right now, but where is the outrage from the Democrats over what the Republicans are doing. Sure, some Dems like Al Franken or Sherrod Brown occasionally get to speak out about the idiots on the right, but where are people like Obama about this? Since when did it become impolite to point out when your opponents are bat shit wrong? Or that the policies they are espousing are pushing us closer to crashing and burning?

As our country is being cut into saleable pieces and people are dismissed as just another natural resource to be fracked by the highest bidder, I find myself needing to step back from the discourse and take a break from time to time to keep from going nuts.

Our country is like an addict in denial about his disease. At this point, unless it is willing to admit it has a problem, it is heading for disaster.

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