Thursday, July 07, 2011

Justice in America

I didn't follow the Casey Anthony trial, as I find such media frenzies too gruelingly disgusting over the length of time they cover. But what Chris Hayes says here rises above that storm to cut through to the truth:

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Our media will focus on this type of trial, which has so little to do with most people except for their purient interest, and ignore cases that are much more relevant and pertinent to what is important in this country. It says more about what is wrong with our country that we focus so closely on this kind of sensationalism than what the verdict was.

And then there's this: In jury trials like this, the jury is presented with weeks of evidence, and is given the task of gleaning through that to make a decision. Why is it then that so many people who are not privy to any more than what they digest through the media filter think they are better qualified to say what should happen here? I feel sorry for Ms. Anthony when she is released, in that not only must she deal with the loss of her her child, but the judgements of the self righteous folks who would condemn her mostly to feel better about themselves.

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