Sunday, March 20, 2011

The early evening light of March in Northern California

After 6:30 PM

Daylight Savings Time began just a couple of weeks ago, but the change is dramatic. Here's a look at our backyard around 6:30 PM this evening. It would have been dark by 5:00 PM just a little while back. And raining? Oh yes, it has been raining!

A wheelbarrow full of rainwater

This wheelbarrow is full of the yield from the last week alone. The flowers are lovin' it!
The lily's throat

Tulip at end of day

Blossom of fire

Pollen ready to pollinate

Still opening

A Dilly of a Daffodil

Rhodie by the Front Door

While Spring is just  here, life is springing forth all around us. And during times like these, that is just wonderful to see!

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