Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new:

Okay, one more chance to post in 2010, so here it is:

I gotta say this year on balance sucked, both personally and in general. I am willing to admit that acceptance is the key to being satisfied in this life, but it felt like the more I would accept, the more that was doled out. But it wasn't ALL bad.

DADT got shit canned (about time!), and some other morsels were thrown to the masses. But we seem to have a President who spends more time negotiating with the pols who hate him than listening to the ones who supported him. I mean, I'm all for compromise when it is necessary, but aren't there SOME principles that shouldn't be bargained away?

I lost a job after being employed almost two years (after being unemployed for two years.) Then, almost immediately, I found another job in the midst of some of the highest unemployment this country has seen in a long time. So yes, I am grateful.

Banks and the people who own them seem to be in charge of the country now, though think that probably wasn't what the Founders had in mind when they started this Republic (just the opposite, actually.)

I hope to see some more positive stuff happening this year. Hell, I'd like to be prosperous enough to tell my credit card companies to go fuck themselves, too. We'll see.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Let's stay optomistic until we learn otherwise, eh?

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