Friday, October 22, 2010

The land of the ignorant and the home of the afraid . . . .

What has happened to our country? We've gone from a land where people looked out for their neighbors to a place where we'll let our neighbor's house burn down if they haven't paid the $75 fire department "subscription" (which is a soft word for BLACKMAIL!) A man in Missouri puts up a Halloween display of a Klansman lynching a black man to show what he calls "white pride" (which should be a cause for white shame). Serious candidates for office promise to get rid of Medicare and Social Security (the only safety nets many of our elderly have), and federal efforts to provide a small measure of Health Care are compared to Nazi Germany. Tea Party candidates have their goons slap hand cuffs on reporters asking challenging questions (goons who turn out to be active duty servicemen) and display utter ignorance of the First Amendment while claiming to be Constitutional "scholars" (our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves!)

Oingo Boingo said it fifteen years ago with the song "Insanity":

America has lost its fucking mind.

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