Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Random 10 plus 1

Here's a random sample from my iTunes DJ function, showing the diverse types of music on my computer's hard drive . . . or something like that:

16 Military Wives/The Decemberists/Picaresque
I Wanna Be Confused/The Shatners/Sad Encounter with Shirtless Boy on Short Bus Ride
Hell Hole/Spinal Tap/This Is Spinal Tap
Stranger/Dr. Dog/Shame, Shame
La La Love You/Pixies/Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, Minnesota 2004-04-13
Get Out/The DeTractors/Last Tractor Out Of Town
Working In The Coal Mine/Devo/New Traditionalists
Night Vision/Electric Six/Switzerland
PDA/Interpol/Turn On the Bright Lights
Shake It Off/Supersuckers/Mid-Fi Sampler
Valley Winter Song/Fountains of Wayne/Welcome Interstate Managers

Here's a little more Supersuckers fer ya!

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