Sunday, May 02, 2010

Top Ten New Christian Facebook Groups

(Via Best Church of God)

1. I Bet We Can Get 1,000,000 More Fans For Monkey Poo Than For Charles Darwin.
2. Threaten Obama And Win A Bible.
3. Looking Forward To Heaven Where There Are No Gays Or Scientists.
4. Two Billion Strong Against The Jews Killing Jesus Again When He Returns.
5. Replace All History Books With Bibles.
6. Whenever Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris Or Christopher Hitchens Speak, I Will Hold My Hands Over My Ears And Say, “La, La, La, La, La!”
7. Concerned Christians for Ignoring All The Places The 4 Gospels Contradict Each Other.
8. If You Need Proof That Jesus Ever Existed, You’re An Idiot And I Can Prove It.
9. Your “Mafia War” Has Nothing On My “Judgment Day.”
10. Palin/Cameron ’12.

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