Thursday, December 31, 2009

The definition of morality

Yes, the year of 2009 is at an end, and the first decade of the aughts is also over. It's been a wild ride, with some amazing wonderful as well as some utterly horrid things happening. But if there is one New Year's resolution I'd like to see made, it would be that somehow a sense of morality would be the underpinning of the way we live our lives and treat each other.

When I heard Pat Buchanan say of the underwear bomber:

...frankly if that means you have to deny him pain medication because he's badly burned, I think you go ahead and do that. I'm not arguing for torture, but I am....  arguing for hostile interrogations of this fellow, because our job is to protect American lives. It's not to make sure his Miranda rights haven't been violated.
. . . that to me is an entirely immoral and evil statement. Yet morality has been defined lately about whether you don't oppose abortion (immoral) or if you support gay marriage (immoral). Morality has become not about what you do to others, but about stopping others from doing things you don't believe in. To me it is our job as HUMAN BEINGS to uphold the rights of everyone, regardless of who they are. But the assholes like Buchanan, who is a chicken hawk who never dirtied his hands in a war when he had the chance, use morality like a bludgeon, and they should be called on it.

Mr. Buchanan, who would Jesus deny pain meds to?

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