Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're still the birdhaus!

I don't post our birds as often as I should, so here's a rundown of the avian population at the birdhaus:

Gimpy is the youngest, who we inherited from my wife's daughter. He broke his leg as a very young bird, and was almost euthanized, but my step daughter rescued him. He's quite a character, and due to his injury seems to be dancing a lot of the time.

Davey is a bird we got from a friend of my wife's. He was originally called "Daisy", but then it was discovered (by people who know more about sexing cockatiels than I do) that he is of the masculine gender. Gimpy sings to him frequently, though Davey seems nonplussed by the attention.

Dede is a conure who was given to us by another friend. The purplish tint on her beak in this picture is juice from a blackberry I gave her, which she literally tore into. She can be very feisty if she isn'y into being handled---meaning she bites.

And this is my guy, Boomer. He likes to lick his mirrors, which makes viewing his favorite cockatiel (himself) a bit difficult. But his reflection must taste good! He's somewhere between seventeen and eighteen years old, but still is as spry as ever.

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