Sunday, July 19, 2009

When does the recall start?

(Via the LA Times)
Reporting from Sacramento -- Irene Steinlage has trouble walking, getting dressed, making her bed, taking a bath. She has stayed in her Folsom home with the help of a health aide, one that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the state can no longer afford.

The governor's plan to take away such care is meant to save money. But it could end up costing California more by forcing the 85-year-old, who has Parkinson's, osteoporosis and other ailments -- and thousands like her -- into nursing homes.

"I couldn't possibly afford a nursing home," Steinlage said. So the state could be saddled with a Medi-Cal tab that is triple the cost of her home care worker, who receives $10.40 an hour five days a week.

As the governor and legislative leaders race to cut programs to plug a $26.3-billion deficit, advocates and experts say that eliminating some services will push people who rely on them into costlier alternatives.

It is a matter of constant debate in budget negotiations: Do those costs ultimately leave the public paying more than they would if taxes were raised to keep the services intact?

Here's the deal: these decisions have been made to give more consideration to business and the rich, while the burden will be forced on those least able to shoulder it. And our Governor doesn't give a shit! In the name of "efficiency", he is turning our state into a third world country.

When does the recall start?

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