Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wingnuts gone wild!!!!

Lately, every time I think the radical right wingers had bottomed out in their insane fear of our democratically elected president, they pick up the shovel and dig deeper. Whether it is the totally baseless claims of impending gun confiscation (I wish someone would confiscate these idiots' weapons, and put them somewhere with only crayons to write with) or the accusations of Obama's foreign birth (yes, Hawaii is a part of the US, and his birth certificate has been posted online, you morons!), these fools will lie, cheat, and scream to make this president's job as hard as possible.

And ya know, it's very similar to what happened after Bill Clinton was elected. Bullshit accusations, rumors, and diversionary discoveries are the order of the day, and truth (and democratic process) be damned! Anything to keep the people elected to change the horrid direction this country has been going in from making any substantial change, eh?

I received an email today from one of my wife's relatives, proclaiming a laundry list of supposedly "Marxist" statements Nancy Pelosi had made, all of which were utter fabrications, easily refutable by a moment or two of internet research. (The Urban Legends web site is a treasure trove of the horse manure that passes for political rhetoric nowadays.) It's symptomatic of the desperation of these folks are feeling, and we're not even three months into Obama's first term.

When do the calls for impeachment begin? Or do I miss something like that if I don't watch Faux News?

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Anonymous said...

Heck yeah you missed something. The "Citizens Grand Jury" from Georgia has "indicted" the president on a laundry list of charges. Crazy Birther dentist/lawyer Orly Taitz served as prosecutor... on a speakerphone. And, lots of other states are joining in by having Kangaroo Courts themselves.

Scarey part is, they truly think they have the power to do this.