Friday, April 28, 2006

Don't Be Bamboozled!

(Via Talking Points Memo):
ABC News: Limbaugh arrested on prescription fraud charges.
Late Update: This apparently stems from a final resolution or settlement agreement of the on-going investigtion. Limbaugh turned himself in, put up bail, left.

Even Later Update: TPM Reader DK checks in ...
Don't get bamboozled. In criminal cases we don't call them "settlement agreements." They are plea bargains.
And while the prosecutor's recommendation to the court will carry great weight, the judge is not obligated to ratify the plea agreement.

Oh, and the money being paid is called a fine. Black can call it reimbursement, but that's BS.
-- Josh Marshall
This assholes lie to cover their own very large posteriors, and then want everyone else to take responsibility for their own actions. What a maroon!

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