Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Kinsey": Those Who Do Not Remember the Past . . . .

I have really become very behind in my movie viewing! I just finished watching the movie "Kinsey", through the magic of Tivo, and I must say it was an impressive and scary reminder of a time that was much more sick and repressed in many ways. It also was a vivid warning of what might await us if we allow the forces of repression to take us back there again.

Liam Neeson was amazing as the good doctor, as he always is in any role I have seen him, but it is the movie as a whole which carried a powerful message of tolerance and compassion. In particular the portrayal of Kinsey's marriage in the face of his own sexually repressed upbringing was moving and human. I found myself really connecting to the historical characters here without thinking of "did that really happen?", as one often does when watching films based on actual events.

Most moving of all was one of the final scenes, featuring an almost unrecognizable Lynn Redgrave as a lesbian who was able to admit her true nature due to Kinsey's research and book. She credited Kinsey's work with "saving her life." The poignance of this scene really summed up so much about the positive effects Kinsey's work had, and the negative effects of society imposing a "normal" reality on people. As Kinsey said, again and again, it is the diversity of humanity which is its strength.

It is a great movie, with a very deep and current message, and one well worth seeing.

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