Friday, March 10, 2006

Frank Zappa vs. Robert Novak

Here's a very interesting and still relevant video of Frank Zappa on CNN's Crossfire in 1986 with Robert Novak, Tom Braden, and Washington Times columnist John Lofton. The subject was censorship of rock music, but Zappa warned about the United States moving towards a "fascist theocracy". Seems utterly prescient now.

It's a long piece, but well worth it.
By the way, watching this video really makes me miss Frank all the more. his willingness to take on the right wing attack dogs and tell them (literally) to kiss his ass is something we sorely need right now.

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John Lofton said...

As I watched Zappa try to think, I was reminded of the United Negro College Fund slogan: "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste." I was Godzilla; Zappa was Bambi. It was no contest. He never had a chance. Imagine -- a song writer denigrating the importance of words! Weird! John Lofton (