Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Navel Gazing

href="">It's amazing to me that some bloggers post multiple posts daily, and write much more of their own stuff. Do these people have jobs? Do they sleep? Are they chained to computers somewhere in dark, dank basements churning out their observations while a black and white TV with a clothes hanger for an antenna sputters weakly in the corner?

For me, I am glad to do what I do. Compared to some blogs, mine is fairly active, and I do have a job and a life besides the time spent here at the keyboard. But it is a trip. Sometimes, days go by without my stat counter taking a hit, and then I'll get half a dozen hits in one day. No rhyme or reason, no patterns that I can see. Somehow people find me, or I guess the predatory 'bots and Homeland Security Raptor programs check me out---who can say?

Sometimes the news of the world seems almost too depressing, too unbelievable to comment on. I've said it before, but every time I think things are as wacky and weird as they can get, it gets wackier and weirder. I just have to shut up and hold onto my hat sometimes to keep from running screaming into the streets. So far, I've managed to avoid that.

I did know when I started this blog that it would take some time to evolve. As it has slowly taken shape (and as it continues to do so), I just let it grow and develop. I still have no clue as to what I'm doing or what I REALLY want to say, which is fine by me. The most intelligent thing a person can say sometimes is "I don't know."

So there it is, one of my periodic bouts of navel gazing. As I keep doing this, I assume I must be getting some enjoyment out of it, because I haven't stopped yet.

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