Thursday, January 12, 2006

At last they're bulldoz . . . er, REBUILDING!

(via the New York Times)
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 11/Residents of the city's most devastated neighborhoods responded with anger Wednesday after the city's rebuilding commission unveiled its most contentious proposal: giving neighborhoods in low-lying parts of the city from four months to a year to prove they should not be bulldozed.

The plan was presented at a standing-room-only meeting punctuated by catcalls and angry outbursts that often interrupted members of the panel. "Over my dead body" was uttered more than once.
It's a little surprising, but not much. If a hurricane hits Florida or a earthquake hits California, certainly more common occurrences than this, no one says "prove to us your home should be rebuilt." Hell, where I live in Northern California people have rebuilt homes on flood plains several times over.

It is the poor and powerless who get the shaft in our society, and then are asked to be happy about it. I'm glad to see that some of them are standing up against this bullshit.

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