Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's Crippiss Time

At least that's what our granddaughter Kira calls it---not Christmas, but "Crippiss". We've done a bunch of our shopping, both of the on line variety and a trek to our closest big town to hit the department stores (but no WalMart, thank you!) We even have been discussing changing to a fake tree, though I think we may wait until next year for that one.

This is Kira last year. Yes, she's incredibly cute!

The nice thing about this is that no matter what our beliefs are, Christmas is OUR holiday too. It doesn't belong to the blowhard jackasses like Bill O'Reilly and the Faux News jerks. In fact, I think it may be just a little bit more our holiday because it is not anything political for us. It's not an excuse to rant about the people we don't agree with. Instead, it's a reason to bond together with our families and friends, and to appreciate the warmth of a holiday spirit that gets lost in the commercialism and the frenzy of materialism.

We don't go to church, or try to ram our spiritual beliefs down other people's throats. And we surely don't believe you have to say "Merry Christmas" in order to be patriotic or righteous.

Hey, I say screw the folks who want to hype some idea that there's a "War on Christmas." And I wish everyone a "Merry Crippiss" instead!