Monday, December 12, 2005

I got censored!

If you tried clicking on the previous post's link to my song at iCompositions, it doesn't work. Here's a message I got explaining why:

Message: iCompositions is a family community and we kindly request that you refrain from posting messages containing profanity on our site. Failure to adhere to our Terms of Service could result in account suspension.

For the record, your song was not deleted because of any political motivation, simply because of an inappropriate title. You are welcome to re-upload it with a title that does not violate our Terms of Service.

Oops! It thought the play on words in the title ("Bushit" originally) was subtle enough and pointed enough to keep me from getting bleeped. Also, quite honestly, there are other songs with "explicit" content on the site. I think because the song had the "S" word in the title is why it was deleted by the site administrator.

Anyway, I reposted it with a new title, "Beating Around the Bush." Once again, please check it out.

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