Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Random Ten

A list of the next ten random songs from the shuffle function of my iPod:

Down All the Days/The Pogues
Crazy Annie/Evie Sands
Uncorrected Personality Traits (Live)/Robyn Hitchcock
All Stripped Down/Tom Waits
Nitro Express/Red Simpson
The Red/Chevelle
Particle Mo (Live)/They Might Be Giants
Pygmy Twylyte/Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Once Upon a Time (Live)/Allison Moorer
Fear (live)/Sarah McLachlan

I have so much Zappa and TMBG on my IPod that they seem to always turn up every couple of songs---which I consider a good thing. And I also have a lot of live tracks downloaded from various places on the internet, so these may not be available on offical recordings. Otherwise, make of this what you will . . . .

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